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About Us

Richy Maziwa and Richy brand of biscuits are marketed and distributed in Africa by Chygolize Systems Group of Companies. We have offices in Kenya, Tanzania, Cotonou, Nigeria and our head office in Kampala, Uganda. Chygolize Systems Group of Companies is in collaboration with Richy Food Southern Joint Stock Company in Vietnam to import high-quality biscuits into Africa. We distribute a variety of biscuits such as Richy Maziwa
milk stick, Richy Maziwa Wismo, Richy oatmeal, Richy peppie, Richy butter jar, Richy cookies, Richy egg waffles and a wide range of other products.

Chygolize Systems Group of companies is dedicated to delivering the highest quality of biscuits to every household in its area of operations. To deliver superior customer service and create a reliable and enjoyable snack for everyone in Africa. We seek to be a responsible corporate company by ensuring our products meet the safety standards in each country of operation, with thorough quality checks before importation. Our wide range of products is known for its exceptional and superior quality in providing moments of delight for all our customers.

Chygolize Systems Group of Companies offers a wide range of biscuits with flavor tasty experiences in the African Market and beyond. With our variety of biscuits, we seek to become the most admired in ensuring that our consumers in Africa and beyond enjoy every golden moment with our rich, flavor tasty biscuits.

Still not convinced to taste our biscuits, please watch some of our videos.


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